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Tom is extremely proud to be associated with Barnabus - an inspirational and deserving cause to which he contributes through his singing performances... 

Barnabus is a Christian Homeless Charity providing a lifeline to the
homeless in Manchester for over 25 years.

As well as providing homeless people with practical help, support and opportunities for accommodation, rehabilitation, healthcare, training and employment opportunities, Barnabus also offers a range of creative and inspiring activities, volunteering and mentoring to help build confidence
and skills.

These services are delivered in a number of ways, including through their Drop-in, Support Office, Health and Wellbeing Suite, and their Street
Outreach, Allotment and RENU Up-cycling furniture projects.

With the public's help they can provide hope, dignity and encouragement
to empower our homeless friends so that they can improve and rebuild
their lives and take hold of their hopes and dreams for the future.

Barnabus are always in need of volunteers, people who would like to fundraise for them, practical pre-loved or new donations for their drop-in,
gifts in kind, monthly giving and pro bono or CSR support. 

If like Tom you have been inspired to help the homeless and would be interested in supporting the work of Barnabus, they would love to hear
from you. 

Please email or visit the Barnabus
website and social media pages...

Facebook - @barnabusmanchester

Twitter - @BarnabusMcr

Instagram - @BarnabusMcr


If you would like to make a donation to Barnabus, you can do so here...






"Thank you SO much for your support
- it really will make a difference"

Barnabus Manager, Adam Williams, receiving a contribution from Tom

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Fundraising Manager, Carol Price, pictured with Tom and Lionel - a beneficiary of Barnabus

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'Bringing Hope To The Streets of Manchester'

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Barnabus Manager, Adam Williams, receiving a contribution from Tom

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  • Facebook: barnabusmanchester
  • Twitter: BarnabusMcr
  • Instagram: BarnabusMcr